Principal's Message

“ Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

From the days of yore, the purpose of education remained the same. It is to create good human beings with skill and expertise. For the past 98 years, St. Joseph’s Higher Secondary School has been successfully accomplishing this noble task of the formation of girl child with well developed personality and academic excellence.

I am proud to say that we have done our maximum to impart holistic education to the students, thus to fulfill the vision and mission of our Foundress Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima the passionate follower of Jesus the Master.

When we share our energy, talents, time and wealth for the upliftment of the other, God contribute his share. I have experienced intensely the hand of God at work in the great and small events of the school. When the team members and the colleagues so crisis and problems as curse of God, I could see it as an opportunity and  grew stronger out of it. Believe that nothing is impossible with God. The more the problems, the greater should be our determination; the more is the darkness, the greater is the need for us to be the light; the more is the indifference, the greater should be our sensitivity.

I am not successful in showcasing and advertising all the achievements and success of our school. We have not applied for any awards and honours. But I am convinced that we are able to touch many lives, befriended those in periphery and became a companion in their pursuit of growth.

My hearty congratulations and thanks to all my colleagues who always work silently behind the curtain to make the vision of our foundress a reality.

Thank you